Dump the iPad: Boredom vital for kids’ development

January 31, 2018 12:00am

SYDNEY is facing a boredom crisis, with experts encouraging parents to ban devices to force children to be bored.

Social demographer Mark McCrindle said parents too often resorted to smartphones or TV screens to entertain when boredom was vital for a child’s ­development.

“Boredom creates inno­vation and people who are bored invent or become creative,” he said. “Part of being a child is using imagination and exploring the world and ­developing that part of your personality. That doesn’t happen if a child is constantly distracted by screens.”

Robyn Baxter from Sydney’s northern beaches said she tried to keep her three kids away from screens.

“When they say, ‘Mum I’m bored,’ I tell them to play a game, play with cars, play with each other,” she said.

Mr McCrindle said parents using devices to entertain kids were creating severe screen addictions.

He urged families to force children to be bored.

Child psychologist Dr Fiona Martin also warned that children could develop behavioural issues if they spent too long looking at screens.

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