Dr Zoë Wheeler 

Dr Zoë Wheeler Psychologist

Dr Wheeler is a registered Psychologist and recognised provider with Medicare and the major private health funds. She has completed a number of psychology degrees including a PhD in Developmental Psychology from  the University of Sussex, United Kingdom which focused on siblings of children with ASD.  Her research has spanned a wide range of topics including sibling relationships, autism, teenage attitudes towards alcohol, problem gambling and the role of the media in body image dissatisfaction. Dr Wheeler’s passion lies with helping children and teenagers adjust to difficult circumstances. She has a particular interest in Narrative and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approaches and has experience working with children, adolescents and young adults. Dr Wheeler has received training in Applied Behaviour Analysis and Relationship Development Intervention for children with ASD and has worked closely with families on early intervention programs. She also has experience in a clinical setting with mood management programs for young adults.